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1015 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul


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Rise, Kari


Phone: 651.744.3890

Ms. Rise

Welcome to Ms. Rise's website !

I have been teaching at HPSHS for over 26 years. I currently teach MYP Human Geography 10, IB DP Geography 11/12, Psychology, and World History 9. I serve as an IB examiner for the IBO. I am also the advisor for Model United Nations and the manager of the school community garden/outdoor learning center.

I've spent summers in North Dakota, New York, California, Colorado, Denmark, France, Peru, South Korea, and Russia studying Criminology, doing geographical field studies and having fun! In addition, I attended conferences about international gas and oil pipeline projects and helped organize international conference sessions at the International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA) !

I love turtles, especially baby sea turtles !

My class schedule is:


Period 1:  World History MYP 9

Period 2:  Human Geography MYP 10

Period 3:  PLC

Period 4:  Human Geography MYP 10


Period 1- PLC 

Period 2- Psychology 

Period 3- Human Geography MYP 10

Period 4-IB Geography SL 




1. GO to and search for "IB DP Geography" - sign up for this terrific free magazine and read some articles!

2. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE: "How Immigrants in the Twin Cities build the economy-and revitalize
neighborhoods". The article can be found at:

Have you gone to a local immigrant business this summer?  If not, try to go to a local immigrant business in your neighborhood. 

3. NOW, create your own hand-made map of the city of Saint Paul-it can be a simple sketch of the shape of the city of St. Paul with the Mississippi River drawn on it and, if you want to, you can add the names of the neighborhoods. A list of the neighborhoods of Saint Paul can be found by doing an internet search for "map of St. Paul neighborhoods".