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Spanish Immersion 11: Lengua A

Spanish Immersion 11: Lengua A

Spanish Immersion 11: Language A - Language and Literature was added as a new course in the 2019-2020 school year. 

This class is like an English Language Arts class taught in Spanish. For Language A, there will be much more outside of class work and extensive reading and analyzing of literature. Grammar instruction will be minimal, students' grammar should be proficient already. 

This is a two year course which will continue in Spanish Immersion 12. 

Students in this class will be preparing for the Spanish Language A: Language and Literature Standard Level (SL) test which they will take during their senior year. Students taking this test will be compared to native speakers of Spanish around the world, mostly in Spanish-speaking countires, taking this language arts course.

This is a rigourous, advanced level course which contributes to students' Honors weighted GPA.  

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