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1015 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul


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Menke, Kathryn


Phone: 651.744.3856

Ms. Menke

Hi. My name is Kathryn Menke and this year I am teaching Individual and Community Health and Intro to Medical Careers. In the past, I have also taught Human Geography and World History. I have been with the district since 1997 and absolutely love what I do!

Some of my passions and interests outside of my job are the fine arts such as theatre, music, and dance. I also enjoy traveling, weight lifting and bike riding.

In addition, I am extremely passionate and actively involved in Global and Social issues especially those related to Women's Health. Fortunately, I have had the opportunities to travel to both the Hague in the Netherlands and New York to partake in various United Nations Forums centered on these and other human rights issues. I completed my Masters in Women's Health Issues at St. Cloud State University.

Class Schedule:


Period 1 - Intro to Medical Careers
Period 2 - Intro to Medical Careers
Period 3 - PLC
Period 4 - Individual and Community Health


Period 1 - Individual and Community Health
Period 2 - Individual and Community Health
Period 3 - Prep
Period 4 - Individual and Community Health

Intro to Medical Careers Syllabus

Individual and Community Health Syllabus