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1015 Snelling Avenue South
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Physical Science

Physical Science

Welcome to Physical Science!  Physical Science is a year long course that covers Nature of Science, Measurements, Space, Geology, Energy, Waves, Light , Earth Science, and Sustainability.  It is meant to develop the science and thinking skills needed for success in future high school courses.


A few words of wisdom:

1. HOMEWORK COUNTS! - Make sure to turn in all homework on time.  This is 30% of your grade and can be a huge game changer at the end of the quarter

2. Don't Know?  Ask! - If you need to know something please ask!  Even if you're uncomfortable asking in front of others make sure to grab me for a one on one conversation about your questions.

3. Keep a positive attitude - I love science and I want you to love science as well.  Coming in with a positive attitude will make your experience so much better.

4. Be Prepared - Come to class with the supplies you need and be ready to learn.  Once again if you need something please ask.


Welcome to Physical Science.  It's going to be a great year!


Mr. McKinney