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1015 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul


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Mattimiro, Dan


Phone: 651-744-3858

Qualifications: Class Schedule (actually) A Days Period 1: Prep Period 2: Biology Period 3: Biology Advisory: Grade 10 Period 4: Biology B Days Period 1: PLC Period 2: Accelerated Biology Period 3: Biology Advisory: Grade 10 Period 4: Accelerated Biology

Mr. Mattimiro

Welcome to 2023-24!

This will be my 24th year at Highland Senior and every new one gets better. Life outside of school includes trail running, hiking, backpacking, cooking, reading and being herded by my cattle dog.  

Personal supplies needed for this year: Writing utensils, metric ruler, calculator, notebook, lab/composition notebook (has graph-lines built in), access to a computer and working printer, a curious mind.

For all correspondence, please use the phone/email address to the left.

Beginning Paperwork: Syllabus, Safety Contracts (Middle School and High School).  For all other information, please go to the Schoology page.


Safety Contract HS

Safety Contract MS

Biology Syllabus