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Algebra 2 Accelerated

Algebra 2 Accelerated meets the Minnesota graduation requirement for Algebra 2 standards, and is a pre-requisite for IBDP PreMath Analysis (Pre-Calc) and beyond.  All assignments, notes, textbook chapters, and other resources are on schoology.

For summer homework, go to


Topics covered:

Quarter 1

•Simplifying square roots and rationalizing denominators

•Evaluating and simplifying algebraic expressions

•Simplifying expressions with exponents

•Function notation and evaluating functions

•Geometric transformations of sets of points

•Overview of parent functions

•Linear inequalities

•Absolute-value equations and inequalities

•Absolute-value functions

•Systems of linear inequalities

•Solving systems of linear equations by substitution and elimination

•Linear Programming

Quarter 2

•Transformations of quadratic functions

•Characteristics of quadratic functions

•Solving quadratic equations by factoring

•Solving quadratic equations by Completing the Square

•Imaginary (lateral) numbers

•Solving quadratic equations using the Quadratic Formula

•Dividing polynomials (long division, area model, synthetic division)

•Factoring the Sum or Difference of Cubes

•Transformations of polynomial functions

•The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Quarter 3

•Exponential functions

•Logarithmic functions

•Properties of logarithms

•Solving exponential and logarithmic equations

•The Natural Logarithm and e

•Transformations of exponential and logarithmic functions

•Multiplying and dividing rational expressions

•Adding and subtracting rational expressions

•Rational functions

•Radical expressions and rational exponents

•Radical functions

•Solving radical equations

Quarter 4

•Sine, Cosine, Tangent functions in a right triangle, special triangles, and angles of elevation/depression

•Angles of rotation

•Converting degrees to radians, and the Unit Circle

•Inverse trigonometric functions

•Law of Sines and ambiguous cases

•Law of Cosines

•Graphs of sine and cosine functions

•Permutations and combinations

•Theoretical and experimental probability

•Independent and dependent events

•Compound events

•Measures of central tendency and variance