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1015 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul


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Berndt, Scott

Mr. Berndt


I have been teaching in St. Paul since 2003 and am very proud and fortunate to call Highland Park Senior High my home. This year, I am teaching 10th grade Critical Ethnic Studies.  


Here are some free bonus fun facts:

1.  My mantra is: "Dosaybe". Do good things, say good things, be a good person.  You will hear me say this often as a more meaningful substitute for "Hello", "Goodbye", or "What's up?". It also serves as my only classroom rule. Follow it and we'll get along just fine.

2.  I love to travel. I've been to India, Israel, and have lived in the Caribbean as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

3.  I like coffee. Lots of coffee.

4.  Though birthed in the 'burbs, St. Paul has been my home for quite some time. I reeeeeaaallly love this place. I'll tell anyone who'll listen how much better it is than that other city across the river. 

My Teacher Webpage: