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1015 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul


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Science Club

The Science Club at Highland Park is a way for students to experience science outside of the classroom and experiment with different subjects of interest. 

Who are we? Students who want to do more science and explore the world in areas of their interest. 

How often will we meet? 1x a month 

What do you do in science club? At our meetings, we plan a cool experiment to conduct. 

Why join? To learn more and hang out with like-minded individuals

Notable Accomplishments:

2013-2014 - 2 competed in TCRSF

2014-2015 - 10 competed in TCRSF, 2 advanced to State

2015-2016 - 15 competed in TCRSF, 3 advanced to State, 1 advanced to JSHS, first ever ISEF Alternate - Geeta Rajamani

2016-2017 - 19 competed in TCRSF, 4 advanced to State, 2 advanced to JSHS,  first ever ISEF Finalist - Geeta Rajamani, first ever Science Talent Search Scholar - Geeta Rajamani

2017-2018 - 22 competed in TCRSF, 9 advanced to State, 3 advanced to JSHS, ISEF Alternates- Enrique Vazquez and Liam Morrisey, Science Talent Search Entrants - Veronica Sannes, Rachel Khodursky

2018-2019 - 5 competed in TCRSF, 3 advanced to State, Science Talent Search Entrants: Tristin Schulz, 

2019-2020 - 2 competed in TCRSF, 2 advanced to State, ISEF Finalist - Anindita Rajamani, Science Talent Search Entrants - Lucy Lipscomb, Lillyan Wallace

2020-2021 - Science Talent Search Entrants - Natalie Braga, Anindita Rajamani



Past Presidents:

Erica Craddock - Founder - 2013-2015

Ramona White - 2015-2017

Enrique Vazquez - 2017-2018

Izabella Vazquez - 2018-2020

Natalie Braga - 2020-2021