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Spanish Immersion

  • The Spanish Immersion Program is designed for students who have completed the Elementary and Junior High Spanish Immersion Program and want to continue to improve their Spanish through the immersion approach. It is open to other students, both native and non-native Spanish speakers, who show sufficient language proficiency.

    A variety of Spanish Immersion classes are offered in Social Studies, and Language Arts each year. These courses are organized as a rotating cycle. Through these content-based classes students will continue to improve their aural comprehension, conversation, reading and writing skills. 

    Spanish Immersion students are expected in ninth and tenth grade to take a Spanish Immersion course and Social Studies in Spanish all year.  Eleventh and twelveth graders are required to take a Spanish Immersion course all year.  All language immersion courses are either IB or IB Prep. Future plans include Spanish speaking internship opportunities for seniors. The goal of the Spanish Immersion Program is for students to advance their Spanish language skills in all areas while getting a first-rate academic education.