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January 2016 Minutes

  • Highland Park Senior High PTSA

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 | 6:30 pm | Library



    • Welcome – Co-Chairs
    • Food shelf presentation – Ms. Lingofelt
      • HPSH staff has created a food shelf for HPSH students experiencing Food Insecurity. It is becoming apparent HPSH has a significant number of students who face food insecurity and food shelves are appearing in other schools. This is a pressing need for our building and PTSA is being asked to fund outside of the normal funding cycle.
      • Staff has donated about $500 and more are donating as they find out. The school wants to me mindful to not stigmatize students. For a host of reasons, the school cannot say how many students are impacted, yet we do have a significant homeless or unstable home life student population.
      • Food shelf is currently looking for supplies that are more nutritious (not ramen) and longer term will try to add toiletries and cold weather garments.
      • There is currently not a specific place to house this; we are trying to get this up and running then worry about where to build.
      • Parent asked if this group has tried to connect with other places such as Second Harvest. Not at this point; we are in short term planning and trying to ensure this population of students has access to food. Partnering is a longer term goal.
      • Another question was can families donate? Yes, yet at this time we are looking for dry goods. Again short term, longer term we may have the facilities for refrigerated items.
      • Asking for $500 as seed money yet will take whatever PTSA can give. These funds are different than the funds given to the counselling department. It is agreed that some of the same students may be using both.
      • Longer term, PTSA may look at adding Food Shelf as a line item or adding to the yearly line item for the counselors. This way these two groups will know they have a steady amount.
    • Principal’s Report – Dr. Tucker was unable to attend and sends regrets. Ms. Sabo will give his report in addition to her report. Questions that need a response from Dr. Tucker will be gathered and sent to him for response. Below is a listing of questions submitted to Dr. Tucker prior to the meeting.
      • Does the school lose monies when a student goes PSEO and if yes, how much?
        • Yes, Dr. Tucker does not know how much and if it is deducted at the school level or the district level but it is a per pupil basis. The state calculates the ratio of number of credits versus what they are taking here. It varies based on their enrollment level at HPSH.  Example: if they are ½ time ½ the amount.  
      • What is the ratio of students currently in PSEO / IB track / just getting out of high school?
        • IB Track:
          • 77% of 11/12th graders at HPSH take 1 or more diploma classes. 53% take 2 or more diploma courses. Senior class is currently 254 students and the junior class is 302.
          • 30% of our current Senior Class is Diploma or Honors; 38 are Diploma Candidates and 40 are IB Honors Candidates
          • 37% (112) anticipated Diploma and IB Honors Candidates
        • PSEO:
          • 11% (27) of seniors
          • 4% (12) of juniors
        • I noticed my son received a report card this past week – does this mean we now have monies for postage?
          • We are still lacking funds.  The district is converting to an electronic report.   Because we allocated some monies for postage families received this last report card via mail but not enough for the full year.
        • As we needed 10k for the theatre program and received 6k did what is being done for the additional 4k?
          • The Thespian Society is raising the additional 4 grand.
        • Any follow up from the district on facilities – In particular from notes in November lighting for the auditorium, theatrical lighting and a booth?
          • Nothing has been approved and the district is just beginning to process.  Theatre is on the list and the district will decide the priority order. Dr. Tucker does have Ms. Young’s list, yet does not have any official documentation
        • Follow up ROTC with the Coast Guard
          • Tucker’s boss has not heard back from ROTC. We are hoping to learn more in February.
        • Follow up on the question about active shooters
          • We will address it at next meeting or sooner if needed.
        • Mouse issue in the school.
          • Our head engineer is on it and has contacted the pest control services the district uses.
        • A recent news article states Silva is sending her top administrators to address safety concerns at schools. Is HPSH one of the schools?
          • HPSH has not been identified as a school that needs extra support. Staff continues to take a proactive approach here at HPSH.
        • Is the new attendance policy still viable?  
          • There are certain days we will give grace students who are late (snow days or when the cars are wrapped around the building).  The amount of time varies depending on the circumstances.  We were also short staffed in the front office for a few weeks surrounding break.  Dr. Tucker is following up with the grade level administrators to assure we are following through.  
        • Now that snow / ice is here the parking lot seems disorganized/concerned about safety.
          • The company we hire for plow removal removes snow prior to7:00 am on days it snows.  Please report any areas that are icy and our custodians will follow up on it.  Unfortunately when it is snowy, the lines are challenging to see and not everyone parks evenly.
        • As a reminder, the last day of the quarter is January 28th.  
      • Treasurer – Laurie Zaepfel
        • Current state of funds, including Give to the Max (GTTM) funds
        • $8k from 14/15 not claimed as of today – lots of little things. Monies not claimed will be retained by PTSA and used in 15/16
        • Uncommitted funding is currently $17584 and we would like to keep about $1,000 for administrative/speakers
        • Library funds – currently $5500 and we would like to open a small CD to retain these funds for the Library. Would also like to add a small amount from this year’s GTTM to keep the momentum going for the library. We are aware these funds will not be used soon.
      • Give to the Max funds - Jen Wetzel – 5 minutes
        • Fund request proposal ready to go back to staff
        • We will have about 14k for the year; getting ready to send the letter to Ms. Sabo to send out
        • There is a chance we may have more funds and we will address this at a later date
        • No stipulation on proposal being enhanced by ipad
        • Everyone who has something with HPSH, including coaches who are not in school, are eligible to submit
        • Committee will be established to include parents and students
      • Student’s Report – Sydney Linssen/James Farnsworth – 10 minutes
        • Update on how the “Life after High School” event went
        • Few issues on the recording; should be uploaded soon and Ms. Sabo can help load to the website.
        • Shot out to James/Vineeta/Eileen for organizing
        • Would like to make this an annual event; heard nothing but positive feedback
      • Parents asked to discuss how to receive funding for the dance team/startup funds to grow the program. There is a need for an assistant coach. PTSA cannot fund positions as this could mean we are viewed as an employer. Process to ask for funding/form was explained. Parents are also reminded that many of our sport’s teams apply for private grants/funding.
      • Floor votes to be taken
        • Note: These grant proposals were considered as these were believed to be more of an emergency/needed attention before Jen Wetzel’s group concludes their work. Request forms were filled out for two of them. All votes were unanimous.
          • Shipp’s request for funding for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support that was presented in December. This program develops a model that teaches behavior. PBIS has built in incentives for students who met certain positive behavior criteria and allowed students to shop for some small value gift cards. This request is for $1,200
            • There was a discussion on this and some concerns. The concerns will be forwarded by the recording secretary to Dr. Tucker and Ms. Shipp
            • The PTSA voted to give $500 for this and asks that either Dr. Tucker or Ms. Shipp come back to the PTSA and let us know how this program worked
          • Seed monies for the Food Shelf - The PTSA voted to give $1,000 to help start this program.
        • $500 from 2015 GTTM for the Library Fund. The PTSA voted to direct $500 to the Library Fund’s current $5,500 bringing the total to $6,000.
      • February 8, 2016 is our next meeting