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Ms. Connelly

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Class Schedule Schoology Access Codes in parenthesis Period 1 - Accelerated Biology (5FM4V-GSTNZ) Period 2 - Biology IB SL (DKF34-7QZQB) Period 3 - Biology IB SL (484WK-HFTCC) Period 4 - Biology IB HL (HQXCX-9CG63) Period 5 - Biology IB SL (87532-NPVTN) Period 6 - PLC Period 7 - Prep

Ms. Connelly


This will mark my 19th year working at Highland Park! I have truly enjoyed my time at Highland and look forward to another great year.

A little about me - I played soccer in college and studied sportsmedicine (earning a B.S.), and have done Graduate work as well, earning an MS. I no longer play soccer and have a wide variety of other interests and activities including antler shed hunting. I love most animals with fur, dogs especially.

I am currently an IB Assistant Examiner and this insight into the IB testing world is invaluable to my students. This past spring (2016) I marked Internal Assessments and Biology HL Paper 2 which is very interesting. I was assigned Internal Assessments again this upcoming November. This process has allowed me to collaborate with teachers from around the world and a peak into the marking schemes of IB Sciences. 

I teach IB Biology Standard Level, IB Biology Higher Level, and Accelerated (IB) Biology. I am on Schoology this year so be sure and join the course. Click on the class below that corresponds to your class to find information on daily assignments, lab references sheets, or class syllabus. Students receive a weekly schedule in the class that details homework and class time assignments every two-four weeks. I believe in student responsibility and schoology will hopefully allow you to develop this responsibility.

There are many, many links and information about each class on these links. Use this resource; learning is all about utilizing your resources and challenging yourself.