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Ryan Vernosh, Principal

380 Victoria St N., Saint Paul, MN 55104

(651) 293-8680 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Vernosh, Ryan Principal ext 42852
Ayers, Cherise Administrative Intern ext 45167
Archila, Cristina Teaching Assistant - Kindergarten
Blake, Mollie 2nd Grade/3rd Grade Teacher
Borer, Anne MN Reading Corps / Reading Tutor - Grades K - 3
Chang, Laurine Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator ext. 42918
Chitwood, Jackie Media Specialist / Technology Integration
Cole, Laura Social Worker ext 42867
Cunningham, Patrick Social Worker - Specialized Programs ext 47377
Kelley, Danielle Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher
Duke-Lucas, Tishia Teaching Assistant - Specialized Programs
Endthoff, Ruth Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher
Fletcher, Kevari Teaching Assistant - Specialized Programs
Foster, Brent Teaching Assistant - Intervention Specialist
Gabow, Yonis Project KOFI Counselor 651-744-2875
Garner, Gary Teaching Assistant - Special Education support
Greenawald, Cora Science Specialist
Gruber, Jenny 4th Grade/5th Grade Teacher
Hansen, Sam Teaching Assistant - Specialized Programs
Harrington, Julie 4th Grade/5th Grade Teacher
Heino, Darla Physical Education Teacher
Hesi-Ra, Ankhet Center for Culture, Families & Learning - Teacher / Navigator 651-744-2870
Hill, Jenelle Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher
Hune, Connie Teaching Assistant - Pre-K
Johnson, Charlotte Thad Wilderson & Associates ext 42916
Tucker, Shun YMCA School Success After-school program Cooridinator 651-744-7437
Koury, Heidi Acceleration Coordinator / Academic Supports ext 42864
Lang, Jessica Teaching Assistant - Technology integration
Lilja, Laura Ocupational Therapist - Special Education support
Lucas, Donnell Teaching Assistant - Specialized Programs
McJilton, Traecy Math and Reading Acceleration / Gifted & Talented Teacher
Merritt, Barbara 2nd Grade/3rd Grade Teacher
Monahan, Mary Kaye PreK Parent Educator
Moulton, Sara 2nd Grade/3rd Grade Teacher
Nelson, Christina Arts Teacher
Onyango, Kelsie Special Education Teacher
Payton, Caitlin Attendance and Bussing Clerk - Front Office ext 43010
Pottle, Brandi 4th Grade/5th Grade Teacher
Pottle, Robert Specialized Program Teacher ext 42892
Reid, Caitlin Pre-K Teacher ext 42872
Richie, Linda Lead Clerk - Front Office ext 41080
Robinette, Lizzie 2nd Grade/3rd Grade Teacher
Robinson, Amy Counselor ext 42910
Rome, Erin Speech Clinician - Special Education support
Samson, Jenna School Psychologist
Schneider, Michelle Teaching Assistant - Specialized Programs
Silas, Leslie 2nd Grade/3rd Grade Teacher
Stenstrom-Smith, Linda School Nurse ext 42862
McDonald, Steffany Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher
Strong, Nancy Educational Assistant - Specialized Programs
Thein, NaNa Educational Assistant - ELL
Umolac, Stephanie ELL Teacher - Grades K thru 5
Utecht, MaElena Cafeteria Supervisor ext 42628
VanReusen-Barnes, Susan Specialized Programs Teacher
Whitehead, Martha Teaching Assistant - Specialized Programs
Wilson, Catina Teaching Assistant - Special Education support
Scott, Samantha Teacher - Specialized Programs
Listner, Virginia Teaching Assistant
Xiong, Lorrie All Day Pre-K Teacher ext. 45213
Lautenshlager, Justin Teaching Assistant - All Day Pre K