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Guided Study Hall Expectations and Procedures

  • Study Hall Purpose

    This study hall will provide an opportunity for each student to prepare, organize, plan and complete assignments for their classes.  Academic progress will be reviewed weekly.


    Study Hall Expectations


    • Respect others
    • Be on time and in your assigned seat when the bell rings
    • Bring assignments, textbook, or a novel to study hall
    • Be on task, organize, plan, and complete assignments
    • No distracting others and talk only with permission
    • If school work is complete, bring a book to read
    • Your academic progress will be reviewed at least once every week
    • Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium
    • Electronic devices (iPad and cell phone) can ONLY be used to complete assignments
    • No sleeping in study hall
    • Pick-up your trash and keep the auditorium clean


    Consequences:  Three Warnings:


    • Conference with study hall teacher
    • Parent Contact
    • Referral to the Assistant Principal


    Study Hall Procedures

    All students are expected to sign in at the desk.


    Every Friday students are required to pick-up a weekly assignment sheet and record daily or missing assignments from three classes.