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Speech Team

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    Wendy Schultz-McCurdy

    If you are interested in Speech please contact Ms. Schultz-McCurdy at the email below.


    It is a TEAM, not a club

    Helps you in your everyday life for the rest of your life! (Job interviews, IB interviews, college, etc.)

    Season usually starts off slow in late November, tournaments begin just after mid January, and last tournament the end of March.

    Tournaments are on Saturdays.... All day (Not required to go to all of them)

    Practice is on your own, with captain once per week, and with coach at least once per week. (flexible afternoon/early evening hours)

    You can letter in it even as a first year student on team.

    There are 13 categories of all different types. Interpretive Categories and Public Address which include... Drama, Poetry, Prose, Humorous, Dramatic Duo, Storytelling, Extemp Reading, Creative Expression, Original Oratory, Informative, Extemp Speaking, Great Speeches, Discussion